Thursday, July 7, 2011

Made it

Yay [!] for uneventful travels. I made it no problem to Salt Lake airport and then no problem from Washington Dulles airport to the house where we're shooting thanks to J and B's GPS. My rental car is fly, thanks to Enoch's free upgrade. I made it just in time except that the blogger before me hadn't even started. I'll probably start shooting in a couple hours which is fine by me. There are 4 bloggers and 20+ production people and enough food to feed at least 50 which means that you all could be here with me. I'm just sad I'm missing all the fun in Utah.

My voice is much better not 100% but at least sound is coming out. I didn't bring my camera or my ipod  touch so the pics are from the camera in my macbook (crappy, oh well).

See you all tomorrow


sienna said...

glad you made it safely. hope all went well.

Mariko said...

Who are the other bloggers, or are you on a non-disclosure?

Karen said...

you are so fancy. we are all happy you found your wallet right away.