Saturday, March 26, 2011

avoiding cleaning up

This whole week has been raining none stop. This morning was the absolute worst. Tons of streets got flooded, it was a mess. But believe it or not the sun came out an hour before Enzo's birthday party and it even got warm. It was amazing. I was totally prepared for an indoor party but so grateful that the sun came out and had the kids outdoors running around instead.

Last night I told Enzo that the rain would pick up and that his soccer game was canceled and that his party would have to be indoors. He asked me if he could pray so that heavenly father could make the rain stop. I told him he could pray for whatever he wanted and that it was good to let heavenly father know our feelings, but that it didn't mean the rain would stop. I told him that even though the rain was driving us all crazy it was still really important for the plants and for us to have rain. He said he understood.

But today the sun came out and Enzo was able to have the party he wanted, outside. And he even broke the pirate pinata. Everything turned out perfect.

Before I go downstairs to put things away I wanted to show you the pirate cake Christian made. Christian is a cake genius, I'm not even joking.

The ocean is whip cream on top of a sheet cake, or as we called it the "parents' cake." The boat was some crazy assembly of chocolate cake made in bread pans plus legos, plus trade joe's treats, and a whole lot of love. The anxious kids got to eat the pirate ship cake.

I made the birthday t-shirt. Can you tell it's Enzo laying on the hammock? Yeah, neither could anyone else.

I'll post more on on my blog on Monday but was anxious to share Christian's creation with you guys today. And tomorrow I'll wake up and have a 5 year old son. Crazy.


Metta said...

Gigi's party was also today, but we had overcast and near rain, so ours did go indoors! But it was still the funnest thing since Costco samples.

Oh, and cute misspell in the second to last paragraph...

xoxo Happy birthday to Enzo!

Jesse said...

Christian, you can't sail a pirate ship without rigging. C'mon.
That looks awesome. Seriously impressed. Himajin desu ne.

Pamela Palmer said...

Cool. Who woulda thought I'd have such multitalented kids?