Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am so very glad that Yesenia was born!


sienna said...

me too! that's a cute pic of the both of them. happy birthday sen! we love you! i hope you had a really great day!

Linds said...

Happy happy birthday!

chelsea said...

Yeah!! Happy B-day!! 24 is a great age.

Grimsmans said...

How beautiful you are! Inside and out. You have accomplished much in your life and we are all so proud of you and look forward to more of your successes!

Have a Super Birthday!

Kaity said...

Happy Birthday!! Ditto everything! You are an amazing friend and cousin. I wish we could see you all the time!

Colleen said...

Late as usual, but happy birthday!! When I saw the picture from a distance, I thought, wow, Aaron got a cute girlfriend.

Keep studying for the LSAT, promise!


mariah said...

I really miss Yesenia. She is a really good friend. Happy birthday to Yesenia!