Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My dad gave me these digital files and asked if I could post them to the blog in case you guys didn't have copies. Also, he gave me a huge folder of digital files of grandpa Austin's papers and notes from a breifcase that might have made it through the fire. I'll have him explain when he gets home. He spent hours scanning these I'm sure. They are hand drafted (by him)floor plans and notes from a sunday school lesson or talk. If you want to take a look, the blog is

I'm not done setting it up but just click on older posts to view more pictures

Karen let me know that the briefcase was not in the fire; it was discovered by Carri (who used to live at grandma and grandpa's).

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austin said...

I clearly remember when kaity's essay was in the paper and we were driving in the car and I read it and I thought the section title said "18 & under easy winners" and I thought that was a ridiculous thing for it to say.