Monday, December 13, 2010

Mikolyski Family Update

I've been meaning to put up at least a picture of Lucas on here since he was born almost 4 months ago! But I haven't, so here is a little video clip of him taken last week. For those of you who knew him as a newborn, you can see how different he is now!

This was taken last Friday, looking out our living room window. The snow melted within just a few hours, but we were excited to see it while it lasted! Maryland apparently has pretty mild winters (that's what someone from Utah told me, anyway, except for last year when they had 2 very unusual blizzards).

Maryland is treating us well. Our new ward is big and full of youngish families like ours from all over the US. Hardly anyone is from here. Our nearby towns and our county are well-maintained and finding places to shop is not difficult at all! I am missing the ocean and mountains, but I know they are within a couple of hours at least. I'm sure we won't be venturing out to either until the Summer, though. We still need to head down to the Capital, which I'm looking forward to!

I love keeping up with this blog. Thanks for all of your fun posts, pictures, and videos!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Love Robin, Scott, Kadin and Lucas


sienna said...

thanks for the update. your boys are super cute.

Mariko said...

Kadin said SNOW! That's awesome. He has the cutest voice.
Love Lucas' smiles. He is so cute. Amaya said so.