Monday, September 20, 2010

Young Women's Recognition Award

Lexi and Cami completed the Young Women's
Personal Progess Program...GO GIRLS!!!!!!!
Karen and Andy and our little Nicki made beautiful music for all to enjoy!

The Stake YWs President, Cathy Wagner presented the girls
with a gorgeous photo of the Sacramento Temple.

Our family, friends and neighbors came to support us and oh what
an evening it was, the Spirit was there in abundance!

We are all so proud of Lexi and Cami....our little darlings!


Karen said...

thanks for including me. wish everyone could see the slide shows. they are classic. tell lexi and cami that i appreciate each of them and love them.

Pamela Palmer said...

And by little you mean practically grown up.
Cool post. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wow. congrats, girls!


sienna said...

good job girls. wish we could have been there.

chelsea said...

The girls are beautiful! It's crazy how much Lexi looks like Trisha!