Sunday, September 12, 2010


The other day Mimi and I were playing scrabble. When I was setting up the board Mimi said, "You know I beat Andy the other day?" It was a bit intimidating but I took the challenge. In the middle of the game I saw it.....the mother of all mother moves.....I used all seven tiles giving me entrance into the family hall of fame including Danny and Katie and I am sure many others in the family. I actually scored 75 points in that one move. Mimi was happy for me and was a gracious loser that day but I am sure my luck will change soon. It is a pleasure beyond measure to play games with our Mimi!
Tricia Grimsman


Kaity said...

Awesome! What was the word? I wish I were there to play Scrabble with you guys.

Pamela Palmer said...

good job. now you'll take forever every turn like the rest of us who can't rest until we use all seven tiles again.