Wednesday, July 28, 2010


i'm ghost writing this post for pam: for those of you who haven't heard, grandma mimi fell and broke her hip again this past sunday. she won't need surgery, but she will be almost a month recovering in a convalescent home. it would be nice if we could all keep her in our prayers and thoughts as she recovers. i'm sure she would also appreciate any cards, notes, letters, and/or pictures letting her know how much we are thinking of her. (especially since it's hard for her to talk on the phone and i'm sure she will like to have things to read while she is resting and healing.) thanks.


Damaris said...

feel better soon Mimi

Karen said...

it is heartbreaking. it is a femur fracture, not hip fracture (same bone, though.) only painful when being moved. then very very painful. she moved to the rehab facility today. thanks for starting this prayer circle, sienna. nice matching beauties.

Melonie said...

Thanks for sharing. We will pray for her and get a card in the mail to her. We love Mimi!