Tuesday, July 6, 2010

last minute yosemite stuff

Just a few updates and questions on gear and food for our trip.

Chris and I have 1 camping stove. Is anyone else bringing one? Also, please let  us know if you need plates, spoons, cups, sleeping bags, tents, any camping gear for your family. Also, firewood is expensive at Yosemite so I recommend getting some on the way there. Is there any extra gear that you have that someone else can borrow? Please leave a comment if you need any stuff and if you're bringing any cooking stuff like an extra stove or extra flash lights etc.

also there are some food changes
Thurday Dinner: Springs
Friday Dinner: Jesse and Bekah
Saturday Dinner: Enoch and Amy
Sunday Lunch: Chris and Da
Sunday Dinner: Amy's sis
Monday Dinner: Sienna and Tony
Tuesday Dinner: Kaity and Danny

thanks Springs for offering to do a meal. I moved everyone back a day b/c J and B have a meat dish so they need to go either first or second night and Springs want to go first because they won't be there the entire time.

J and his family and our family are planning on leaving early Thursday so that we get there at noon, in time to get campsites that are close together (that is the plan). When is everyone else getting there?

Anything else I forgot?

see you in 2 days.


e said...

we are getting there thursday night (hopefully not too late). i think that steph and ryan will be getting there thursday night a little later. we would totally appreciate the help in getting campsites together. our tent is a little supersized, so if there is a site that could handle it, we would love to reserve it. i know that steph and ryan are bringing a stove as well. since we are flying/driving we aren't bringing too much extra gear (although we are bringing bananagrams).

Ryan Blad said...

Hi Palmer clan. The Blad's (amy's sis) are so excited to tag along on your trip. We will be bringing a double burner stove, cooking utensils, pans, firewood, shade tent, a lantern with stand, and a couple crazy kids. We have tons of gear so if anyone needs to borrow anything let us know by tomorrow morning. The only thing is we will be leaving Monday night. Amy can take some stuff with her I will be seeing her later this month. You can email me at stephblad@gmail.com or call 714-809-6441.

Ryan Blad said...

Oh yeah we will be brining a couple dutch ovens. We will be having peach cobbler on Sunday night. How many adults are eating and how many kids (that will eat) will be there?