Sunday, June 6, 2010

Palmer Camp: Provisions

We were just chatting with Kaity and Danny about camp logistics and Kaity suggested that we make a blog post. So this is the first of several installments, followed by activities, gear, and . . . So, how do we want to organize the food? Here are some options, please vote on your favorite, or suggest your own.
Plan A: Each family/tribe does their own breakfast and lunch. Each family (or two) prepares one dinner for the group.
Plan B: Every family for themselves.
Plan C: Each family takes one day and does all of the food for that day.
Plan D: Christian cooks and cleans for everyone for the whole week.
Plan E: . . .
When I say cooks, you don't have to do everything by yourself. You can get help preparing cooking, or make something people cook on their own, but you just have to get all the ingredients and organize it. Also, you just have to make one thing that is available for anyone who wants it. If someone wants to make something else, or their kids want to eat something else, that's fine, but you're on your own. So in the next 3 days or so comment on your ranking of the options or say that you don't care and waive your right to decide, then we'll make another post with the final decision and you can sign up for days, if necessary. If someone wants to be in charge of coordinating food, please volunteer. Next post will be about what activities, so start thinking. After that will be about what gear you might need/want to borrow, or can lend. So here's my vote.


Jesse said...

My next choice is plan A. On their own for breakfast and lunch, with sharing, dinner together.

Damaris said...

Plan A.

Metta said...

Definitely Plan A.

christian said...

Plan D, just send me an individualized menu for each person in your family, letting me know what they want to eat throughout the week and I'll do everything from there. Or maybe plan E: 50 boxes of cold cereal and a case of milk. I also think that we might want to do breakfasts together as well because its always nice if some is already up and making breakfast all the parents don't have to get up at once, but besides that Plan A sounds good.

Kaity said...

Definitely Plan D. However, we do have a plan E (aka revised A). Every family is in charge of one breakfast and one dinner. Everyone on their own for lunch and snacks. The way I see it though, we'll most likely all be sharing food anyway so it's a good idea to communicate about what we're bringing. Maybe we could have a communal pool of lunch and snack food that people could make whatever they want out of. ie, sandwich stuff, apples and oranges, chips, whatever.

The other thing I was thinking about was trying to cut down on disposable waste. Everyone bringing their own water bottle/cup and dishes and utensils (I could provide for people traveling from afar who didn't want to bring them). I guess paper plates and napkins would be okay since you can burn them, but trying to avoid plastic waste would be good. Just a thought.

Damaris said...

i love your "green" brain kaity. Also we need to remember that we can't leave any food in the car because of bears so whatever we bring HAS to fit in the bear canisters they have there which isn't that big.

Mariko said...

What? You're not going to be hunting and foraging for your food?
I wish I could come. I love camping food.

Kaity said...

What camping food do you love that would last 1 week without refrigeration?

sienna said...

interesting. i guess Plan A or modified as kaity suggested. how far away is the nearest grocery store? how big are the bear boxes?

oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit would be a good breakfast. also they have those individual sized boxed milks that don't need refrigeration for people that need cereal.

we could make taco soup cause out of canned corn and tomatoes and beans.

also, does anyone have dutch ovens? i've never done it, but i think it's pretty easy, you just need the dutch ovens and hot coals. although i'm not sure how many people it can feed. we might be able to borrow one.

we can bring our own camping utensils.

Damaris said...

The nearest grocery store is about 30 minutes away but there is a little place near by that sells ice.
From what I remember the bear boxes just about fit all the food we took for 5 days. It was the three of us plus two friends, but they only stayed 2 or 3 days I don't remember. However, we took a lot of food because I'm obsessive.

Taco soup for sure. That's what I was planning on making, so don't steal my idea. Just kidding, I better be careful, after my sleeping bag comment I don't want to get in trouble. I love taco soup and will be happy to eat it more than once.

We're collecting those milk boxes. I think we have 5 so far.

Another thing that I remember being a pain was washing the pots.

I really think we should just do dinner as a group and the rest every family can fend for themselves. However, I'm saying that as someone who could very well go without breakfast, so take it as a grain of salt.

Colleen said...

Okay, Plan E: Tony, Paul, Christian, Enoch, Adam, Austin,
Jesse cook dinners. Paul cooks breakfasts. On our own for lunch. That's how it works at our home. (Actually Paul does lunch too!) Oh, yes, and Steve, lets have him cook too. By the way, how many camp sites are there? Otherwise, I like modified plan A. Damaris, what's your phone number, I need to call you about this weekend.

sienna said...

we bought a whole case of those milks for our food storage straight from the dairy and we can get more cause we are going back up there this weekend (its in logan).

da-you can make taco soup. i'm sure we can think of something else good.

also i might be able to borrow the dutch ovens and i think you line them with tin foil which makes for easy clean up.

did we ever figure out a final-ish count of how many people are coming. it would be good to know for planning meals.

e said...

sorry not weighing in earlier. we think the modified plan a sounds good.

we'll talk to steph and ryan, but i have a feeling that will be good for them as well.

colleen- we did book an extra site so we should be ok for space.