Sunday, June 13, 2010

Congrats Noelle

Going to Noelle's graduation was awesome. What an incredible achievement. Here is a little video of the moment when she received her diploma. The person reading off the names said a little blurb about every student. It was a little intimidating just to hear all the awards, languages spoken, scholarships, jobs lined up that the Stanford class of 2010 has lined up. Noelle's blurb was the best. I think she's going to be such a great missionary.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Austin acts like Noelle's  agent. He's pure gold. I wish he was my brother.


Mariko said...

I really can't believe it. I swear you just graduated from High School, not from fancy Stanford. And then I remember that I'm going to be 30. THIRTY. Ridiculous.
Stop growing up! :)

Karen said...

Thank you, dear Damaris for always being in the right place and doing the best job of reporting. So glad I did make it! Go, Noelle!

sienna said...

wish we could have been there. i'm glad you had some peeps there to yell when they called your name. we're super duper proud of you.

Grimsmans said...

What a smart and beautiful girl you are Noelle. We are all so very proud of you! Wish we could have been there.

Love, Auntie Tricia and Family

david a bouchers said...

Congratulations Noelle! What an amazing accomplishment!