Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a note from Haim

The Palmer family saved my life.  You were all influences on my growth into the teacher, person, Christian, and breadmaker I am today. Quite literally Paul saved my life with a priesthood blessing when I was in the ICU at Queens Hospital 12 years ago.  I celebrated the 12th anniversary of my 2nd birthday (the term I use to celebrate May 15th 1998) this past weekend and started a new blog to continue sharing my life in a meaningful way.  My memory of the skateboarding incident is still slightly fairytaleish but I distinctly remember Kaity eating a mango as she gracefully skated down the hill.
Love and Aloha,
Jamie, Haim, Nichols

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Pamela Palmer said...

I remember that well. I was there, so to speak. I'm so glad you survived. Hope to see you this summer.