Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mimi's Mother's Day

Our cards, including watercolors from Miriam and Gwyn--
also school pictures from Mikey and Minami

"The Teacher" (or Mother) from Andy and Charlene

Grimsmans came for the whole day
new shell jewelry from Pam and Colleen
work on the fort continues
cousins and friends

Mimi planned her own party. She got a new phone (free) for hearing impaired. She can make calls and pretty much hear the person (even Pammy--the acid test). SO she made her list of family and assignments and did the calling or delegated it. We had 30 people. Jakob L. was the surprise guest. He came solo as his family was in Oregon. It was a good day.


mariah said...

pink is definitely mimi's color.

Jesse said...

Happy Mother's Day Mimi. You are a great matriarch of our family. We're glad you married Austin and started such a wonderful family. Mothering can be a mixed blessing and I think you have accomplished with with humor, grace and love. Thank you for your example.

Liz said...

that was such a fun mother's day! thanks mimi and karen!