Friday, April 16, 2010

baby twins

IMG_3410, originally uploaded by sisi-d.

we went to nyc for the weekend. i presented at a conference, which was okay. and bo was a pill on the flight out there and okay on the flight back. he was mostly good except for a huge blowout which covered both of us in poop. but the best part of the trip was seeing enoch and amy and family. their house is awesome and these twin babies had fun together.


Damaris said...

seriously, they actually really look like twins.

Karen said...

seriously cute. what was your paper?

Linds said...

what are they looking at so intently?

once again-good job on presenting your paper!

noelle said...

love it! especially that look of wonderment that only babies have. :)

sorry about the blow out. when kaity and i were in relief society with damaris in santa cruz lilikoi had a huge blowout all over kaity and the lady in front of us handed us a kleenex.