Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NY Storm

On Saturday we thought the house was going to blow away. On Sunday we went for a walk around E and Amy's place.
this is their old house. Good thing the tree caught the broken pole.
Still no electricity where they live, poor Amy!
It was pretty coldy inside their house so we all had to bundle up.

Still, it was delightful to be with them and today we're going to meet up in the city to go to the Saint Patrick's day Parade and then hang out with E.

I'm really hoping their electricity will come back soon and the roads will clear up so they can resume their normal life. However, I am mainly just thankful that no trees fell on their house and that we were all safe.


Karen said...

also way glad you were safe. maria and minnie are so cute together. thanks for the report from new york. i've been missing you!

sienna said...

dang. it never ends. hope they get things up and running soon. also, so so so glad nothing happened to the house. cute girls! as always.

Damaris said...

their cute red door got ruined.
E and A are so good attitude, it's amazing.