Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Yorkers

I was bummed out that I never got to see E & A’s place, but we did spend a perfect day together on St. Patrick’s. First we stopped in and glanced at the parade, which apparently is New York speak for “a bunch of boy scouts and policemen walking down 5th Avenue” and “drunk high school audience cheering and fighting.” The bloody noses were probably the most exciting part of the parade.

IMG_7455 IMG_7450 IMG_7451 IMG_7446 IMG_7449 After that we went to E’s office and saw their amazing projects, which you’ll find out about soon, I’m sure.  Travis was there, too, and I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of him. We ate lovely Vietnamese food, and then went for our sugar walk where Minnie got a photo op with the guy from The Doughnut Plant.

 IMG_7477 IMG_7493 IMG_7502 IMG_7510 IMG_7517 IMG_7520 Amy is awesome pulling off four kids with style. I felt a little wimpy leaving my one behind in Portland. Pizza at Lombardi’s followed our sugar binge. Enoch knew enough to order the white pizza, even though we were all skeptical. Ezra ate about 5 pieces of pizza. I was impressed.

IMG_7528We ate lunch with Aaron the next day. Luckily he knew the best Chinese restaurant in the city, and we ate “this will scald your mouth at about 300 degrees celsius” soup dumplings. 24 of them, actually. When we showed up he said he had ordered already, and, “I may have gone a little overboard.” Since Da and I hadn’t been hungry for days, we were just fine stuffing our faces for yet another meal.

IMG_7548IMG_7535 IMG_7529 IMG_7531 IMG_7532

This is Aaron explaining to us how amazing Momofuku is, which we went to eat at the next day, while we are consuming our 10 plates of food for 5 people. IMG_7533  Take note, people—orange chicken in NY is actually orange. Not some pale, bland, soggy mess. We walked from lunch to Aaron’s office. He works at the same building as Food Network. !!!! Unfortunately we saw no one famous. To console myself I ate gelato, pistachio and panna cotta flavors, and bought a bunch of gourmet chocolate. We finally drew the line at the cupcake store and just window shopped instead.


Karen said...

lovely, colorful pictures! great ride.

sienna said...

great pictures of some seriously cute people. glad you guys had fun and that you and Da have each other to eat your way through NYC together.

DANA said...