Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The following are 27 reasons I like Damaris and I'm glad she was born.
1. She decided to marry me, even is she asked "Are you sure?" before she said yes.
2. She's gorgeous.
3. Enzo Santos Palmer, who' really fun to have around.
4. Maria Aurea Santos Palmer, the happiest baby ever.
5. She's fun to dance with, Forro, Salsa, Samba
6. She like trying new things, like surfing in a ripped wetsuit in the winter
7. She likes to travel and is still talking about driving to Brazil
8. She makes delicious food, lots of it
9. She convinces me to sleep in (at leat she did before we had kids)
10. She lets me surf, a lot.
11. She remembers everyone's birthday and sends them things.
12. She's an activist and cares about what is going on in the world (get with it Obama)
13. She social and likes talking to people and making friends.
14. She's generous (I'll post about my new surfboard when I get it later this week)
15. She's super nice to everyone.
16. She loves music.
17. She takes great pictures and videos (and even wakes up early to take surf pictures, sometimtes).
18. She keeps in touch with all of my friends via facebook.
19. She has a testimony and knows what's important in life.
20. She's smart and likes learning new things (web programming, photography, sewing, digital editing)
21. She reads my papers for school and has lots of nice comments.
22. We have great conversations about everything.
23. She's fun to be around, whenever I travel without her, I wish she was there.
24. She doesn't mind that we've moved (a lot) but wants to live near the ocea.
25. She made this blog, what a great idea.
26. She's basically perfect.
27. Add your own reason why you like Damaris and are glad she was born.


Kaity said...

Happy Birthday Da! I agree with everything Christian said and I am happy that she makes Chris so happy. Love you.

Travis said...

Happy BD Damaris! We love you!

sienna said...

Happy Birthday Da! I love how inclusive and friendly you are. You are good at making people feel welcome and part of the family. thanks for being a good part of our family!

Pamela Palmer said...

I like that you are easy to talk to and real. You don't mind admitting to imperfect feelings, but you also don't commit to them--you're willing to change.I'm also super happy you love Christian.

Mariko said...

27. She likes to eat delicious food and doesn't mind spending some money to do it. (but at the same time she is really good about $$)

I also like that she keeps really productively busy all the time, and doesn't complain about that. I could learn a thing or two about that.

And I like that she doesn't judge me for wanting to leave my baby behind and travel to NYC for a few days. And even though we're both mortgage-less and should be saving for the future, we'd much rather spend our money right now to travel, and live to regret it later. :)

Damaris said...

Christian when did you have time to do this? you're sneaky. Amo voce.

Thanks Kaity and Sienna I love you two like sisters. Sometimes I love you two more than my own two sisters because I don't even have to worry about you guys. hehehe. I love you both. Thanks for always being so kind to me.

Pammy, thanks. Thanks for giving me my first birthday present this year and thanks for remembering what I wanted.

Travis, you are the nicest. So fun seeing you last week.

Mariko, judge you? will anyone judge me? i didn't even think about that. Oh well too late now. Can't wait to see you. You are my bff and not just because you're a fellow foodie but because well... you know why.

Shana Squier said...

Happy Birthday Damaris! What a sweet husband you have. :) I don't know you as well as I'd like to, but I do think you are a great mother/wife/friend/cook. Thanks for being there for me and all your support.

Metta said...

I love Damaris because even though we've been in the same place at the same time maybe, oh, twice in real life, I feel like we're friends and it doesn't even occur to me to say "blogging" friends out loud when I brag about her to other people.

I think the easy feeling of friendship is a talent.

Bekah said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I know the girls would join me if they were still awake (which they might be). It's not always easy being a twin wife, but you handle it with grace. Hope you get lots of goodies for your special day.

Robbie said...

I'm grateful that Damaris lived in Hawaii the year I was dating my future husband and got engaged. She loved going to the beach with me, sunbathing, talking about the dramas of dating, being super excited when progress was made in the relationship, and giving me tips on what to expect from marriage. Thanks for being a true girlfriend, Da!

Karen said...

Oh, Da! I am so happy you were born and I like that you are a nice glue for our family. you bring people together (in person and here). I love your true and wholehearted seeking after all that is good. Thinking of your little family brings me joy. I think your mom and sister are blessed to be with you too. Happy day! Perfect post, Chris. Sweet.

Grimsman said...

Da, everybody stold what I was going to say! You really are darling and Chris is blessed to have you as are you to have him too. Hope you have a great birthday. I am glad you were born for perhaps our family would still be in the dark with what everyone else is doing these days...love the blog you little inovative lady.


Damaris said...

Shana- I like you already (a lot) even though I don't know you that well too. It's just that when i lived there I hung out with Adam and he didn't know you. Now that you are a part of his life he seems way happier. If you make him happy it's impossible to not like you.

Metta- It's also impossible to not like and appreciate you (since you are married to a Brazilian). You're so so sweet. Thanks for being my friend.

Bekah- thanks. Jesse is a good co-wife.

Robbie- I am so glad you and scoot got married. I miss having you around. You were always so nice to me and baby Enzo.

Karen- Thanks for always making me feel included, it helped me find my place in the family. I love you so much.

Tricia- Thanks for appreciating the blog and always making me feel special when I am with you.

mariah said...

damaris always seemed to be willing to laugh at my jokes when she was here(which is really really nice of her), she is one of the most welcoming people i have met(i'm glad we all agree on that), and she is a faithful, strong, intelligent and passionate woman. i hope i can be like her when i'm a mother/wife. happy birthday!

jaredandmatisse said...

I love Damaris because she is has a beautiful smile. She is so genuine and wholesome while still exotic and mysterious. She is a very good writer. She is a beloved friend who has a sparkle in her eye. Loves, Matisse

noelle said...

happy birthday damaris! i love damaris because she is so thoughtful, like when she offered to pick me up from the airport at like midnight on new years eve and let me hang out with them for a few days before coming back to school. she's so nice and fun to be with/talk to.

Damaris said...

thanks everyone. You guys are the best. When I turn 30 I want to have a big tea party where we all dress up in fancy clothes and eat fancy food and talk fancy. sounds fun? you are all invited.

chelsea said...

she;s down to earth and creative