Monday, January 25, 2010

rice cereal

i was hesitant to start him on cereal, but he refused to take a bottle on the days I go to school, so we tried it and he LOVES it. it is just something new and fun. and the spoon feels good on his gums. he got that bib as a gift, i swear i didn't buy it.


Damaris said...

I love the bib. I want to buy it for my baby, I can't see anyone giving it to her as a gift.

I was just talking to Chris about Maria Aurea starting to eat solids. She is so lazy. She holds her head up barely, and refuses to do tummy time, much less roll over MUCH less sit up.

in the meantime I'll enjoy cutie pie Bo munching away.

mariah said...

cute :)
nice bib

Yesenia said...

well.. his bib speaks the truth! ;)

bo is so handsome. i hope you guys make it here so we can finally meet him.

emily said...

gotta love that stuff from ... what was that place called with the rice cereal on sale?
i love the bib.

Kaity said...

I love him. His hair is getting so long. Why can't we just live by each other. I miss you guys so much. I need to see Bo again. I think he misses me.

Karen said...

i feel i know him already and miss him even before we've met. he comes across so well in his pictures.