Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beginning 2010

I've been blog lazy world busy since we got back to Maine. We took tons of pictures that we put on J's computer, but here's some of the last few days. Tenney's favorite toy besides bionicles. The girls decorated the box and made it comfy with a pillow inside.Ada and Gwyn are bestest of friends. They are a mighty force.
We played the quick version of the game. I happily bankrupted after 60 minutes. The game went on for another 2 hours with Ez whipping booty. He got Park Place and Boardwalk with hotels in the first 15 minutes. Way to beat Uncle Jesse, that's all I can say.


sienna said...

at our house, tony and ezra played a three hour game of monopoly that never really ended. i gave up after the first two hours.

cute sledding pics.

Karen said...

sheer fun captured in the snow pictures. keep those posts a'comin'.