Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kid Fun

This is one of those posts that makes you feel like everyone's having more fun than you.
I certainly felt that way when I was taking the pictures.

Since the Demartinis came to visit Amaya will have nothing to do with me. It's Zeke and Gio all day long. Jake calls Gio "Go" because "Gi-O spells 'Go'" and Gio gets bugged. But Gio's 'bugged' is cute enough to keep up the teasing. Zeke is so mellow and the perfect person to play with because he doesn't get mad even when you keep pulling his cape and choking him, as Amaya has found out.

Mikey and Minami are also the best at coming up with games for the little ones to play.

Kaity and Danny also keep up the fun every minute and surf, frisbee, fish, catch squid, hike, look for orange lilikoi, and take care of baby Lilikoi all day long.


Damaris said...

your pictures are so good. I want to go to Hawaii so bad. I checked Hawaiian as you recommended and to get there is super cheap but coming back is outrageous. maybe we should just go and not come back.

Kaity said...

I never want to leave. I am so sad. I want to come back for Christmas already.

Mariko said...

If you look at the month view, and if you don't leave until mid-January it's still super cheap. :)

sienna said...

i am sure zeke is loved being in the land of no shirts.