Monday, November 16, 2009

Maria was blessed

our baby was blessed yesterday. She did great even though she had about 10lbs of lace to carry around (ok, fine, we carried her around...but still). She is such a champ.

Christian gave her a beautiful blessing. I love, LOVE, baby blessings and am grateful for the priesthood, and even  more grateful that Christian has the priesthood (high-five Christian). I recorded the blessing and will transcribe it. If you want a copy I'll send it to you via email.

My aunt and uncle are here for the week. My mom has been with us for almost 2 weeks. It's so fun having my family around.

at night we had a big dinner party with our friends.
Today we're recuperating from the long day.
good night.


sienna said...

so fun to have your family in town! i'm so glad your mom made it too. and that maria got blessed. (even though she was already blessed with such a great family to take care of her).

Pamela Palmer said...

Thanks for posting. Beautiful baby. Nice to see your family. Christian got his hair cut!

Damaris said...

he did get his hair cut. SO SAD!!!

Colleen said...

Beautiful lacy baby girl--I remember how fun that was!!!

Pamela Palmer said...

While it's still somewhat fresh, write down what you remember and have your mom and Christian see what they can remember too. (If you haven't already done that.) Anything better than nothing, right?