Monday, November 30, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

we spent thanksgiving in kuna, idaho (right outside boise) with tony's oldest sister and her husband and her husband's family. it was bo's first roadtrip, first night away from home, and first thanksgiving. he was a good sport. he even timed his nap to be during dinner so tony and i could both sit and eat with everyone else.
i made mashed potatoes, an apple pie, and a pumpkin cake.

dyany brined the bird before cooking it and it was delicious.

not sure about all the new people.


Travis said...

Cute boy!!!!!!!!!!

noelle said...

wow many first for bo. he's definitely handling the sensory overload with style.

Damaris said...

Bo is such a gatinho. Can I come visit you guys? I want to see him before he's big[er]

Karen said...

oh, yes! cuteness personified. beautiful photos of your feast.

Kaity said...

I love him!