Friday, October 16, 2009

loving my kids

Enzo: when i grow up I want to marry you and papai
me: that won't work because you're our son
Enzo: O.K then I'll marry Shelly and Steve

Maria Aurea stares at her tie-dyes for LONG periods of time. Who needs baby Einstein when you have tie-dyes?


Pamela Palmer said...

She does look like you, Da. Very much. So cute. Also, I'd like to marry Shelley and Steve too. (When are they coming to Hawaii?)

Pamela Palmer said...

You guys make some very beautiful babies. S & S are awesome. Miss you guys.

Yesenia said...

Sorry, that was me, Yesenia.

Damaris said...

They said they're going in January. I totally want to marry them too. I was sad when they left. They made sure to leave some cooked tri-tip in the fridge. They're easy company.

yeah I'm totally digging my babies they are very cute. it's so much easier to enjoy them when I don't have a mean advisor breathing down my back. Life is good.

chelsea said...

she is sooo pretty and cute.

laffiet said...

We had a good time with C, D, E & M. Enzo is fun to play with. We had some laughs when I read books written in Portuguese with a gringo Spanglesh accent.
Maria is a little Dove, always cooing. And there is that feral wail when all is not well.