Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Newest Baby (It's a Car!)

Although we can't even begin to compete with the real babies, here's a photo of our newest addition. I think it's a boy. The kids and I take turns opening and closing the door to his house. It's great fun. The backseats fold flat which is great for transporting new furniture. Like this new chair I got from a 92 year old hustler. She wouldn't let me leave her house without looking at everything for sale, including some sweet vintage coats that would only fit a very small person. She also tried to sell me a toaster oven that she only used once, practically new! It was totally circa 1975. She was priceless.

It's great having a car that works. The radio works, the a/c works, the brakes work, it doesn't make funny noises, it even came pre-scratched (it's used, just barely). We'd rather have a real baby, but this one does let us sleep through the night (That is until Miriam starts driving it).


Pamela Palmer said...

Nice addition to your already cutiest kids. How's pre-K going? Amy says she loves Maine and can't wait to visit. Ditto.

Karen said...

so glad you got what you wanted :)

Mariko said...

What kind of car is it? We're curious.
Jake wants to buy a Matrix we recently found out about and I'm not wanting to look like a loser.
Jake says, "too late for that."

Bekah said...

It's a 2009 Honda Fit. We thought we wanted a matrix, but the back seats didn't go completely flat if I remember correctly. Also, the window in the back is small and high. It should be an insignificant detail, but it totally bugged when we sat in the back. I think the kids would have gone bonkers because they wouldn't have been able to see out very well.

Pre-k is going well. G's personality is perfectly suited to school. She has the bus driver wrapped around her finger. She had him switch the route so she could see where her friend lives. Her sense of entitlement amazes and scares me.

Damaris said...

you should tell the story of HOW you got the car with all the juicy detail of how your old car broke down in SC and how the Fits were hard to find b/c of the federal program, etc. It's practically a long labor story.

ps. glad it all worked out in the end.

Melinda said...

i'm very very excited about your fit. really really.
can it really fit an alpaca?
and you can drive it to canada. in less than an hour, i bet. very excited about your new england lifestyle!

david a bouchers said...

congrats on your latest addition! very cool. i'd love to meet the 92 yr old hustler...she sounds like a gem.

e said...

That is one sweet chair, definitely worth something. Love the car too. What are you naming him? He is so slick. I vote Mario or Vinnie (Barbarino, if he needs a last name). I hope your first road trip is to visit us!! xox, a