Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Palmer Family!

September 4, 1970


Pamela Palmer said...

thanks Karen, it's so sweet of you to remember. we love you. mariah says you might come while she is here. so come.

Mariko said...

Pammy didn't say one word about this on the day, which is so rude of her, because it made me look like a total jerk for not helping her celebrate!

I love those pictures. Love love love. I hope I can look back on pictures of myself and think that too.

Damaris said...

thanks for marrying Mike and making Christian and for having a good marriage in which he could look up to.

I love you and even though I haven't met Mike yet I love him too.

Kaity said...

Happy Anniversary! I love our family. I wish Dad was here to help us celebrate all our new babies.

Tony said...

great pics. happy anniversary! i thought about you but never made it around to calling.

sienna (not tony)