Thursday, September 10, 2009


Everybody's BFF Brittney

Uncle Andy

"Exceptionally cute (and good)"

The "Mimi"s
Ana coaxing a smile out of our sleeping beauty


Lilikoi came to see us. It was deja vu for me. I first saw Kaity in grandma and grandpa's yard soon after she was born 28 years ago. I could see that Mimi was immediately taken with Lilikoi. In fact, last thing she said on going to bed about midnight: "Yes, that is an exceptionally cute baby." It was fun to see her amazing and resilient mom and very big brothers and such a perfect nanny/friend Brittney also. Gio quote at dinner: "When I have a baby do you know what I'm going to name him?" "Doug!" Everyone seems excited about the wedding in only a couple more days. Congratulations to "Bug and Decky"!


mariah said...

so cute! nice blog karen:) i can see kaity in lilikoi already

Robbie said...

what a sweetie! Glad everyone can enjoy the new arrival!

Kaity said...

Thanks Karen! We had lots of fun.

sienna said...

I love the pic of the 3 mimis. That's one for the baby book. Glad she is such a good baby and that she has so much good family around to love her. I can't wait to meet her.