Saturday, August 1, 2009

Santa Cruz Fun!

Not sure who had the most fun..the kids or the moms! Sarah and Tricia taking a photo of themselves on the pirate ride...ARGHHHHH!
Beautiful Da....mother to be on the beach!

Chris and Enzo spend some time with us on the boardwalk!
Yes, he is wet and yes he did do the log ride and loved it..."more, more, one more time he yelled!"

Enzo was the perfect host, showing us where to sleep, park and how to loose a sand shovel in just a few minutes...whoops we buried the shovel!..........maybe we'll dig it up next time we come!

So fun to be with cousins and our good friend Carly from Utah!

Staying with Chris, Da and Enzo was the best!


Damaris said...

come back and play with us some more

Karen said...

too fun! good to see Jared wearing his new tie dye.

Pamela Palmer said...

What's up with the kids getting so big?