Friday, August 21, 2009


Enzo has been pure joy lately. He's very excited about his baby sister being born and whenever I complain that my belly is big he says "you're big and cute"

he hasn't called me mom for a while now, maybe a month or two. I miss it. He only calls me leao lion and Christian Monstro de Cobra, monster snake. For the last couple days he's been calling me minha querida, my dear.

This morning he ran up to me gave me a big hug and said "my dear you are so big and so cute"


Robbie said...

Aw, what a sweet boy! I'm so glad he has been pure joy. :) You know he'll be so good to his baby sister 'cause he's so good to you! I can't believe you will be a family of four soon!

Mariko said...

That is so so cute. He's going to be the best brother ever.