Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Shower

My friends, Melissa and Ruth, had been bugging me about a baby shower for a while. I was absolutly against the idea considering how much stuff I already have and my quest to make room for my mom and Iris. I have a harder time getting rid of stuff if people give me new things, things they spend money on, things that I would never buy myself. So I asked them not to throw me a baby shower but they did anyway.

They asked all the guests to only bring me one present and the item had to be something used that I could in turn pass along.

I was so touched by everyones gift. One sister in the ward found this really cool fabric at the Salvation Army store and made this adorable Kimono with matching pants.
Another sister in the ward had this white blessing dress that she bought years ago for her future granddaughter. She ended up only having grandsons so she gave me this vintage lace blessing/baby baptism dress.
It's exactly the kind of dress I was looking for.
Instead of playing baby shower games we each made our own spring rolls. 
There were 5 different types of currys and the  decoration consisted of fresh flowers and fresh herbs.
I had such a good time. I feel so blessed to have friends who know me well and put up with my quirks. 

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