Monday, August 31, 2009

Babies Galore

Wow. Everyone's having or have had babies recently. They're all adorable and squishy and sweet and sometimes I miss having a newborn around. But then my 2 boys start wailing and whaling on each other or on something else equally breakable and then I remember why I'm not pregnant right now. I started having kids earlier than a lot of you and now you're all passing me by. Mighty, you haven't left the non-pregers club yet, right? If anyone can tell me how to guarantee the next one's a girl I'd be more than willing to jump on the baby bandwagon. Plus, I just really want to know what a daughter of ours would look like. With the older brothers she'd be following, she'd have to be adorable.

Here's a pic of the boys and their cousin Keilani at the Chicago Zoo.


Damaris said...

I bet she would look adorable just like your boys.

Mariko said...

Not pregnant, and not trying to be. Can't say I'm super careful either, but I would like to be out of the "possibly pregnant" look before I get actually pregnant.
That and quit working. Oh yeah. That.

Your girl(s) is(are) going to be so cute. I know. I especially hope they get the Iz smile.

Bekah said...

We're going to post pics of our new baby soon. 2009 Honda Fit.