Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kopy Kaity Kat

 This is me second time around tring to figure out this blog thing. Adam was helping me this morning and as you can imagine he was appropriately exasperated my ineptitude. (How did someone as intellectually lazy as me have such smart kids? Must be Mike's doing. Anyway, I selected a bunch of pictures but they only let me post four, and I didn't have time to comment. Adam thinks comments are unnecessary, and maybe with his pictures they are. Anyway, mostly you know but don't you love Enoch and Amy's little house in the middle of the woods? Also, is Tenney delectable enough? As you can see from this breakfast picture, he likes his cereal (and comes by the infatuation honestly). I copied Kaity's tie dye quilt for Minerva Ray. Ada and Tenney are merely warming it up for her. The kids tie dyed too. Notice Ada's fabulous shorts.
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Damaris said...

I'm so glad that you've figured out how to post. I love your pictures. Keep them coming.

Karen said...

good job, pammy.

david a bouchers said...

Love the pictures. Love the adorable people, and the house. Love the commentary. Definitely keep it coming!

sienna said...

great pics. i miss those guys. this is the first summer i haven't seen them in probably their whole lives. definitely going through withdrawls.