Thursday, July 2, 2009


Yesterday we celebrated Austin's birthday with an Adam barbecue at Waimea.

Jealous, yes?

Even though Austin's probably sad that his family isn't here, we've been enjoying hogging all of Austin's attention for ourselves. He's been coming over for dinner, giving us reasons to cook chocolate and peanut butter together, accompanying us to movies and costco trips, listening to us talk about things we think are funny, hiking all the places I want to hike, and even babysitting.

Austin is pretty much my ideal as a brother (other than my real brother, of course), but I don't think anyone would believe we were related, so I'll just say he's a cousin. Ish. Since Amaya adores him, I guess we can't be totally blood related. Otherwise she might be crushed.
p.s. Here is photographic evidence that Mikey eats, or not. I asked Mikey if he had ever been FULL, and he said, "Ummmm, yes?" Adam asked, "With something that wasn't rice?" Mikey replied: "No."


Karen said...

amaya is adorable and growing so fast.

Colleen said...

Thanks for taking such great pictures Mariko. I bet Austin was talking to me--I was there via satellite. Thanks for taking such great care of our guy you guys!

Robbie said...

yay, photos of all the fun we're having in Hawaii despite everyone being gone! Glad I could be a part of Austin's bday. Can't wait for the Springs and Pammy to come back, though.