Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it's official...

hello family.  yes, we have a new teenager in our home.  olivia turns 13 today.  thought we'd tell you 13 reasons why we love olivia...

1.    she's a girly girl, loves pink
2.    she very ticklish (she will actually asked to be tickled!)
3.    she's fearless--she snowboards, surfs, you name it, she'll try it
4.    she's the best big sister carson could hope for
5.    she keeps her big brothers in line
6.    she is strong-willed
7.    she's smart as a whip
8.    she's the perfect combination of beautiful and sweet
9.    she's a phenomenal cook
10.  she cares what we think
11.   you want her on your team if you are playing a game
12.  she holds the world record for phone texting (almost 5000 a month!)
13.  we couldn't imagine our lives without her in it

Happy Birthday Olivia!   We love you!!!  


Damaris said...

Today is one of my favorite days ever. It's my mom's birthday too! Such a nice day to be born. I hope you have a fun day and mostly I hope you have some wonderful (painless, good decision making) teeanage years ahead of you

Pamela Palmer said...

Olivia thinks for herself. She isn't an ageist, but likes people independent of their age (babies, older people, etc.) She is different than many teenagers in that she doesn't base her opinions on what other kids have deemed "cool," but rather on what she really likes (which is a lot of things). In case you hadn't noticed, I also am a member of the Olivia fan club.

chelsea said...

Olivia is so beautiful! Happy birthday. Also grandma Carol's birthday, so we know she's extra special.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Olivia! Your mom was so excited you were coming (way back in 1996) she only had pink baby clothes. It was fun to be a part of your early days. I look forward to a bananagrams playoff soon.

noelle said...

yay happy birthday olivia! it was fun to hang out when you were in hawaii. and to see you whenever i went to laie elementary. you're so sweet and beautiful. welcome to teenagedom!

Colleen said...

I love how Olivia actually enjoyed helping me after school, and how generous she was in class. If she was chosen to do something someone else wanted to do--she would say, I don't really need that, you can have it. She is kind and beautiful--beautiful through and through. Happy Birthday--wish you were here!

Kaity said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! You are one cool and cute girl.