Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family Scrabble

Last Sunday, we had our first Scrabble game. G lasted one round. Mim went for almost 2 and then I quit after 10 or so. I couldn't put my bingo anywhere for the second time in a row and lost patience. J was a bit disappointed in his girls, but he got over it.


Damaris said...

why is G crying? Tell her that I feel the same way whenever I attempt a scrabble game.

sienna said...

scrabble is hard for me and scrabble with jesse is a whole other game (just the long turns--love you jesse). i think the girls will learn fast.

Karen said...

no wonder you bowed out after nearly 10 rounds (all consonants :D )

Mariko said...

I want to second that motion of Jesse taking INFINITELY long turns.
Speed scrabble. Speed scrabble.

Or bananagrams.