Sunday, March 22, 2009

chuga chuga choo chooooo

Yesterday Enzo and I went on a steam engine train ride through the redwood forest of Santa Cruz mountains. It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time because I knew that he would love it considering his obsession with trains.

The whole ride took 2 hours. It was absolutely amazing going through the forest. I'm in love with redwoods and not because they are red but because they are so tall and majestic.
This picture is kind of funny looking because he was so excited he wouldn't stop jumping up and down.

We're excited to have spring break this week. We're looking forward to some more mini adventures.


Robbie said...

Fun! That sounds like it was so relaxing. I like redwoods, too, even though I haven't ever seen them up close.

Mariko said...

Super cute. Did you guys pick up one of those free Thomas the Trains from ToysRus?

Damaris said...

what, they were giving away a Free Thomas the Train at ToysRUs? Gosh I wish I had known.

Mariko said...

Oh my GOSH! I thought you must have gotten the e-mail from Lindsey for the playgroup. She sent us a link to a coupon.

Damaris said...

dang it I just checked on line and saw that I missed the free train by one day! Oh well he's not getting any trains for his birthday this year anyway (not from us). I am moving on to little people. he has three and he plays with them solo for at least an hour a day. So considering I have a thesis to finish I'm investing on little people and hoping I can bump up the 1 hour of solo play to 2 hours daily.