Sunday, March 29, 2009

Birthday Party

Enzo's birthday party was a total success, thanks to our Spring Break we had plenty of time to plan and get things ready. Plus the weather was beautiful and really warm.We did a carnival theme and had some easy games for the kids to play with if they wanted to.

Mostly they just played in the huge park right here at Family Student Housing. The highlight was the choo-choo cake that Chris made for him.
Our friends, Ben and Victoria came to visit us this weekend. It's fun having Avi and Via around. We miss them so much.
Wish you could of been here. Tomorrow I'll post some more pictures of the cake and the other food we made for the party on my food blog.

Today we're taking naps, recovering from our saturday, and getting ready for the quarter to begin tomorrow.


sienna said...

happy birthday enzo! wish we could have been there. that cake looks delish.

Mariko said...

Well, here you are putting on a great birthday party and I'm basically thinking, "Um, maybe I'll just have ice cream like I did last year" and not even invite other little kids.
I'm lame birthday mom.

becky said...

Love the cake. Happy Birthday Enzo :) Looks like he had a good one.

Kaity said...

That cake is awesome. I am so bummed that we couldn't come.

ali said...

yes, yummy cake...thinking of you often. how is the house hunting, maybe you could live on a train or convert an old train into a house, that would be super cool-for enzo. love you guys.

Damaris said...

house hunting ended until this sunday when I think I found my dream (affordable) house. We'll keep you updated.

We totaly thought about the train idea. we have friends who leased land (they're farmers) and converted old train cars into a tiny home. It's pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

The Birthday Pictures are sooo awesome Da! I love the look on Enzo's face with his choo-choo-cake!

saudades irma!