Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Que Todos Te Amo!

Y--Yes, you are

easy to love (and quick to forgive)

so smart and so wise

everyone's bff

naturally good and beautiful too

did I mention intelligent?

and on and on!

Happy 22nd Birthday!
I am thankful you are such an important part of my life.
Hope your day is great!!!


Michele Boucher said...

Happy Birthday Yesenia! You are fabulous!

David, Michele, & the kids

noelle said...

you are amazing. thanks for being one of my best friends throughout the years and for sharing and loving and laughing with me. i love you so much! lets talk soon.
love noelle

The One And Only said...

Happy B-Day Sen, Its crazy cold over here in Sac (because me AWESOME hair is gone, my ears will never forgive me) 22 already, wow Ahh I remember my college years.

To who it may concern,


Damaris said...

I love you. I love your honest opinions. I love how social you are. Have a wonderful day

Pamela Palmer said...

Awesome post Karen for an awesome girl. We are so lucky to be your family. love forever. pam

sienna said...

happy birthday! you're the best. you always make me laugh and you always have my back. hope things in hawaii are fun. 22! it's a good age.

Grimsmans said...

Happy Birthday Yesenia! We hope it is a great one. Keep up the super work at school and it will pay off BIG TIME someday! We are so proud of you and so glad you are family...
Love, Dave, Tricia, Lexi, Cami, Nicki, Jake and yes Tigger too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colleen said...

Sorry I forgot to check the blog for your birthday post. You are the ultimate friend--I am soooooo glad you are back even though I think it will be short and then you will be off to big things.

I love you too.


ali said...

happy b-day sen-sen....lehi is off and we are actually doing fine...have a good one. 22 is a good number.

Kaity said...

Happy Birthday Yesenia! Sorry so late. Love you.