Friday, January 23, 2009

Austin and Mimi Blogspot

Karen already put a link to this little wannabe blog that I made for all of you, but in case you haven't saved it to your computer, go to

You can save the pictures that my dad scanned and print them out or whatever you want. Also, if you have a favorite family photo or something that you want me to add, just send it to me at and I'll add it. All that I had to work with was what was on my dad's old computer(he's the one who spent billions of hours scanning slides on old school equipment), so I would love a photo of Shelley and Steve and I can't remember what else I am missing. I hope you like it! Love, Liz

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Colleen said...


Thank you so much for putting these up for us all to enjoy. I have looked at them many times already. It was a great Christmas gift.