Monday, December 1, 2008

Greece and my birthday

Thanks for all the birthday wishes :). And thanks to mama and pablito for the best present -- a trip to Greece (Athens and Cape Sounion) for the weekend! I met up with Hoku and Roni, which was great since they are my home away from home. It was so beautiful and really neat to see the akropolis and temples and eat greek food. mmm. (Although it was a little bit of a bummer that there was a bit of construction going on at the Parthenon.) I also saw the fattest little bird ever, which was cool.


sienna said...

ysy for seeing friends and greece. that bird is huge.

Damaris said...

You are one lucky girl. Greece...gosh..can't even imagine. My name is Greek you know, I should go there one day and figure out how to actually pronounce it right.

mariah said...

noelle i can't help but smile when i see you in those pictures. it looks beautiful. although, i wish there was a human next to the bird so that i could see the size compared... i'm really worried about it. i can't waite to see more pictures