Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Lovely Lovable Liz!

A few thoughts about Liz:

She gives amazing, thoughtful gifts. (Carefully prepared vintage photo albums come to mind).
She enjoys her boys and is great mom and teacher to them. (She decided early on to let her kids have fun outside--even getting muddy!)
She makes great cookies! (Her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe survived the fire.) :)
She is happy to hear from me, even when she is probably too busy to talk.
She is an exemplary big sister.
Liz is a graceful presence.
Fun family trivia facts: Noelle was born on Liz's 8th birthday and they share a name in common. Also Liz was born one day before Brian.



Damaris said...

happy birthday Liz. You are so talented and beautiful and fun and a good mom and...
I wish we could hang out more.
much love, Da

noelle said...
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noelle said...

happy birthday liz! we do have the name and birthday in common, which i've always thought was very cool. liz is a great cousin and is fun to talk to and be around. hope you had a great day.