Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adam bar-David Palmer's wedding

We made it out to Adam Palmer's wedding reception last Saturday (The other, other Adam Palmer. There are 3 of them. Brett and Lisa named one of their little boys Adam as well). It was super fun. The bride wore boots. Tons of BBQ and not a green in sight. And pie for dessert. Yum. The kids took the pictures. Monkey and I had a rousing game of red rover with the cousins. It was fun to see everyone since so many came from Utah (and we've been gone for a year). Doug's kids Steven and Quin. They're still working at Bliss Linens if you're dying for $3000 bedsheets. I think Melissa Healy is next to them.

The centerpieces. Candles. Black beans. And a P. The kids brought home some of the P's.

Me, trying to get ribs out of my teeth.

And J with one of the kids.

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Pamela Palmer said...

i'm glad you guys made it. thanks for the pictures. makes being a palmer look fun. hope you're coming in december.