Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Tricia Show! (Early years)

Cousins! (Dress-up with Andrew)

Same Cousins!

And another thing...

Tricia with Mimi, Grandma L, Uncle Byron, Ranier, Karen and Colleen 1968

"Cherish is the word that we use to describe you"


Tricia was my first "kid".

Oh, somebody has a birthday; our dear little Tricia here;
may Father in Heaven bless her through all the coming year!


Damaris said...

these pictures are so sweet. I love the last one. You look so beautiful Karen. I would of loved to have you as a big sister.

Karen said...

so sweet of you, da.

Bekah said...

That dress, those braids. I love these pictures. Thanks Karen.

Colleen said...


I've thought of you several times today. I hope you are having a glorious birthday (or at least a nonstressful one). You are an amazing mother, friend, sister, role model, daughter. We need to spend more time together. I'm missing you bigtime. Summer for sure!

Love, Colleen

Pamela Palmer said...

hi tricia. you certainly have been a fabulous last child. so beautiful and competent. you really improve our family average in these areas. i'm so glad you are ours.