Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank You Blog

I really never never know what I want for my birthday. And I'm so lucky to have friends that know for me. That's real, people. I always think I don't want anything, and then I get exactly what I've always needed (Buttons! I NEED buttons! And chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And more cookbooks. All the cookbooks in the world, muah ha ha).
I'm not good with thank you cards. I despise writing them. They remind me of my mother's insistence on thank yous, even if I didn't mean it, or even if she had already taken the item back.
I do, however, enjoy giving public attention to those I love. So is it in poor taste to write a blog? Thank you for the awesome awesome gifts. I couldn't find pictures of everything (well, truthfully, I just got tired of looking)-- money, avo slicer, kitchen timer, a delish within the diet dinner with vegan cookies for dessert, a shirt and chocolates, a humongo and scary clown pez dispenser, oreo cookies, and something else I am forgetting, but I will instead offend this person by not remembering exactly what it was at this specific moment in time and thank him/her for it anyway. And now that I'm listing everything I'm starting to feel like I'm bragging, and everyone's like, "Hey, why should she get all that stuff? She didn't even write a wish list!!" I think it's something about 28 being the magic number, or something like that.
Is it so obvious that I love food?
I have to give a special shout out to Robyn who, with some other people going in on it, but I never was clear who, so I suspect it was Scott M she was referring to-- She got me a pressure cooker. She even did her research and got the opinion of Cook's Illustrated. And she remembered that I said I wanted one from who knows when. That's amazing.
PLUS, she got me the 105 quart size (kidding, but it was the big big big one) so I could cook fabulous food for my fabulous friends. AND, did I mention she wrote me the sweetest, sweetest (one superlative is not enough here, people) note after my terrible, horrible, no good very bad day?
So tell me, are you now feeling less than worthy? You should. Everyone acknoweldge Robyn for being awesometastic. Seriously.
Anyway, I am so excited about my presents. I am trying to think of how I can combine them all for one meal. A Morrocan one. With chocolate pot de creme in the pressure cooker. Wearing the shirt and buttons on top of that (did you notice that there are SUSHI on these buttons??? SUSHI!!). It will be hard, but I'm up for a challenge.
I love you guys. I'd like to thank all of my friends (not just the gift giving ones, in case you think I'm trying to guilt trip you, because I'm not) for being clearly better than all of the other people in the world.


Robbie said...

Yeah, those presents all sound like you! I loved those buttons to wore to school today. Glad you liked your birthday and that you like us all so much.

Oh, and my name is with an "i", but that's okay! It looks prettier with a "y". I guess you're so used to calling me Robbie that you forgot what it really is. :)

Damaris said...

Robin is pretty awesome.
I like your suggestion about cooking while having all your presents in mind. Wait till I'm there to do it. ok?

sienna said...

that pressure cooker looks awesome. i just bought one here in brasil, so i can make beans like the brasilians. mine doesn't look that fancy though.

robin is awesome. i agree.