Tuesday, October 21, 2008

prima fa slurp dopo fa croc

I don't know what that means. Anyone know? I just thought it sounded funny. We found it on a napkin dispenser in a pasterlería in Granada. So, I went to Granada in Andalucía this weekend with Liz Burroughs and a few other friends from the program. Liz is in Madrid studying with her law school, so we've been getting together and hanging out which has been really great for me because I need some friends who want to do more than just go to bars and discotecas. This definitely qualified.

p.s. pam did you get my email about your address? anyone know pammy's mailing address?


Damaris said...

55-423 Naniloa Loop

sienna said...

liz! what a super small world. That is awesome. it there is anything i have learned from our little stint abroad, it's how great it is to have friends to do stuff with. great pics also. i wish we could come visit too. too bad i can't speak spanish anymore.

Pamela Palmer said...

wow. beautiful places. what's with the cookies? say hi to liz.