Saturday, October 11, 2008

Open Studios

We spend the afternoon with Vanessa, Musi, and Drew at Open Studios. Every October the city hosts Open Studios for the artists in this area. It happens every weekend in October with hundred of artists who open up their homes for people to see their stuff. As you drive around the town you see Open Studio signs everywhere. It's pretty fun and very impressive. It was nice to hang out with Musi. We saw more of Flor this summer than Musi since she was off doing a lot of fairs. Flor just recently went back to NY and Cedar is on his way to Guatemala in the end of this month. Vanessa and Drew are doing well and happy with their new home in Oakland. Drew's son came to visit from Germany this summer and they were super happy with that. Drew is AMAZING with kids and Enzo always has fun with him.

The blue earrings are Vanessa's doing. I can't get enough of their work and I hope to get that pair for Christmas...Christian hope you are taking notes.

If you ever come to Santa Cruz, October is a really good time.

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