Tuesday, October 14, 2008


When Christian and I got married we shared a house with a CRAZEEEEE woman. She was by far the worst neighbor we ever had and I am convinced that she is the worst neighbor we WILL ever have. I could amuse you with stories but I actually have to tell you face to face so you can see that I am serious and not lying to you. Plus, you need the full effect of me interpreting her. So when you see me again ask me to amuse you and I will.

As our reward for surviving the CRAZEEEEE lady for 4 months and 25 days the universe has some how managed to work its cosmos so that we've always had amazing neighbors ever since we moved out of that first house.

Above is Victoria. She's the one who used to live in front of us and is now in Berkely. She is the one who took care of Enzo for a whole year. She's the one whom we've managed to convince to come visit us every month since they left for neighbor reunion slumber parties.

Now our next door neighbors, who also watches Enzo, are equally amazing. She makes Enzo iron on t-shirts of his favorite characters. She bought him tickets to go watch Disney on ice and also made him a Mickey mouse t-shirt to wear for the special occassion. Granted she's obsessed with iron-ons but that is beside the point.

The only down side about our good neighbor karma is that Enzo never wants to be home.

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