Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the most amazing room you've ever been in

Barcelona! Such a fun city. The ride there was not so fun. We decided to be cheap and take night buses for the 8 hour trip from Madrid. Not a good idea. Cold, uncomfortable, back and neck pain that I'm still recovering from. Also, I unfortunately have a bad habit of putting my feet in awkward positions when I sit down, so when we got to Barcelona I realized that my feet had been in this twisted sidewards position for 8 hours and had swollen significantly, to the point where I looked like I had really bad cankles (and it still hasn't gone that weird?) On the bus ride back the same thing happened even though I made a valiant attempt to keep them straight forward.

Anyway, we got to see amazing Gaudí casas and the Park Güell, the Mediterranean Sea, the bocería market (with the best 1 Euro fruit juices ever), a flea market where they sell birds and chickens (?), a cathedral with a christmas tree on top. In one of the Gaudí casas, Casa Batlló, there was a free audio guide that came with the 13 Euro entrance fee (eek!). The audio guide was way way over the top. The whole time it was a British man and woman talking and they kept saying things like "if you thought the last view was spectacular, wait until you see what's next" and "Gaudí was the most amazing genius ever to walk the earth" and "this tile mural represents every single shade of blue that the human eye has ever seen" and "you are now standing in the most amazing room you've ever been in"...I was like, huh? How do you know where I've been? It wasn't even the coolest room in the house and I had been in all the rooms in the, hmm. I also found out that "laie" means something in Catalán...although still not sure what.


Karen said...

que bonitas. cute guy friends too.

Pamela Palmer said...

cool buildings (hyperbole notwithstanding).

Grimsmans said...

Too much will you ever come home? Isn't the Mediterranean the most beautiful body of water or does it not hold a candle to good old backyard Hawaiian ocean? I wish I could be with you in Spain...thanks for showing it to me since I can't get there yet!
Love Aunt Tricia

sienna said...

great pics youie and funny story. why are you so hilarious? i can't wait to hear more stories in person at christmas?