Monday, October 20, 2008

best and brightest ast UCSC

While my friend and I are gearing up to receive midterm papers this week we have to deal with e-mail jewels like these...

So I went and talked to prof this morning about the reading and my paper but talked to him about a series of events that disadvantaged me in the writing process. Those being food poisoning on sat my grandad having a stroke then on sunday I got a call saying my granma on my dads side passed away in new zealand and then my friend told me my x girlfriend was cheating on me for half the time we were together and then I basically got robbed the same day so I'm in absolute mental and emotional shambles and now have about 3 hours today when I could possibly write a paper between classes and then I'd have to wake up at 5am tomorro after having a a class that goes from 5 to 10pm so I'm going to try to get it finished today and tomorro morning but in the likely chance I am not happy with my work he has given me an extension until thursday and this can be confirmed with him. I really don't like taking advantages over others but I am just not doing ok right now so we will see.

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