Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Truman!

Truman is happy to finally be 9.  He tells me he hates having a late birthday because everyone always says, "you're still 8!?!"  On the other hand, I'm very happy that he is still pretty young because a.  he is still my baby  b.  he is very hugable and I love that he is not too big for my lap c. he is mature for his age, so there is no reason to grow up any faster than he is!  Truman is my speedy guy.  He runs the 800 meters in just 2.50 minutes.  He is strong and tough, but very empathetic.  He is a great friend and has many.  We love you Truman.  


Karen said...

"Amen" to everything your mom said. Happy Birthday, Tru. You are a great friend and FUN to be with!

ali said...

Truman....we are big fans, not only that but you have an October birthday like me which is just the coolest! we had so much fun at your beach bonfire b-day last year...many more happy birthday's to come!