Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Living in the east coast was nice in that I was able to experience the amazing fall colors. I miss it. I have to say that being warm in October and still being able to go to the beach and do cook outs makes up for the lack of warm colors.

It seems like we go to birthday parties every weekend. I'm not complaining as long as the food is good. Here are some pictures from Sunday when we celebrated my friend Ana Paula's birthday.

I spend Saturday making chocolate leaves. I'll post a recipe on my blog sometime this week because they're so fun to make.

me, Ana Paula, Angela, Silvia. I've known Silvia since I was 12. She's fro my home ward in Brazil. It's nice having such a good friend near by. It's even better that she and her husband have no kids and always want to babysit Enzo.

I should put a picture of the 4 husbands. They are a shade lighter than us.


Pamela Palmer said...

yummy cake. with everyone in my house doing weird diets i am having to eat all the carbs. (not just because they are in the fridge needing eating, also because their hunger makes me hungier. . .) nice chocolate leaves and beautiful south american women.

Damaris said...

I know what you mean. Briana is now vegan so I feel like I need to eat more dairy and meat since she's not. It's bad.

hollyplant said...

Hi, how wonderful the chocolate leaves look! I am from the UK and just bought a property in Brazil and will be immigrating in 2009. Is there any places you recommend i go to? We are moving to Joao Pessoa if that helps? Thanks in advance